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Calculating Spousal Support in Oregon

It is often difficult to predict spousal support amount and duration in an Oregon divorce case.  While child support tends to closely follow the Oregon Child Support Guidelines, there is no set formula for spousal support in Oregon.  Recently, however, I discussed the spousal support issue with a local judge, who referred to spousal support calculators used in other jurisdictions to give opposing counsel and I some parameters on how he might rule in our case.  Here are some links to online spousal support calculators used in jurisdictions outside of Oregon:

  1. Massachusetts alimony calculator
  2. Maricopa County, Arizona alimony calculator
  3. Fairfax County, Virginia spousal support formula

While Oregon judges are of course free to not follow the formulas set forth above, the formulas may nonetheless be a good starting point for determining a range of appropriate values in an Oregon divorce case.