Moving Offices

I have been busy the last few months planning my law firm’s move to its new Hillsboro, Oregon office, and will likely become even busier through August. So many decisions to make! Interior upgrades, new furniture, phone system, etc. Ultimately, however, I believe that the effort we are putting into the new space will result in a much stronger law firm and higher quality legal services for our clientele. In general, many Hillsboro and Beaverton law offices do not present a modern, professional appearance, which may help explain why many Washington County residents feel more comfortable paying higher legal fees, including inefficient travel time, to Portland attorneys that are unfamiliar with, and thus often at a disadvantage in, Washington County circuit courts.

Once completed (hopefully in August), our new office space, in the 3rd floor of the Garner Green Building in Hillsboro will be on the cutting edge of the Oregon legal community. The custom space design will allow our attorneys, support staff, and clients to work together efficiently in an aesthetically pleasing environment. The large windows on all four sides of the space will allow in tremendous natural light to brighten our days.

After considering multiple phone systems, we have chosen Avaya IP Office product, which offers advanced features at a reasonable price, including automated conversion of attorneys’ voicemail to .wav email and the ability to link in to the office phone network remotely over the internet (great for remote offices).

I hope to write more on this issue in the near future.


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