My First Post – Hello Oregon

It is early Sunday evening and I have been working on my law firm‘s website for about an hour now. Part of a strong online presence is of course having a complementary blog, so here I am. I will begin by posting a few details about my professional background.

I have been the managing shareholder/attorney of a ten attorney law firm in Hillsboro, Oregon since September, 2006. I graduated from University of Arizona Law School in 2001, and successfully took the Oregon bar exam in July 2001.

My plan for this blog is to post a variety of material regarding my experiences working as an attorney, and in particular to discuss the often-neglected field of law office management. While I hope that people might actually read my blog, I recognize that my potential audience is quite narrow. But for those of you that have agonized over the design of your law firm’s website, or pondered the chronic inability of your law firm’s staff to get along with each other, I hope that you will find ramblings of interest. Have a good Sunday night. -Grant R. Burton


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